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Content Creation 101

We know the aches and pains of trying to come up with ideas of rich and engaging content to create (I mean, that's literally our job here). One thing became clear after some time though - we were going about it all WRONG!

Overtime, we've focused our efforts on creating an easy three-step process to content creation. Curious to know what it is? Read on below to find out!

Business Offerings (what are you talking about?)

First and foremost, you have to figure out what exactly you will be speaking about. This is where things usually get tricky but don't worry - we've got you covered.

Start by outlining what exactly it is that your business does and what it offers. For instance, if you operate an all natural hair care salon in Montego Bay, Saint James, then your services may include detangling, washing, and protective styles. This means that it could be in your best interest to speak about matters relating to natural hair treatment such as 'Dos & Don'ts', 'DIYs', and recommend various protective styles.

Niche Audience (who are you talking to?)

The next step is to decide on who exactly it is that you and your business are speaking to. A rule of thumb to remember is that if you are trying to speak to everyone then you are actually speaking to no one. Your niche refers to that specific segment of the population to which your business caters.

After pinning down what you will be speaking about, the next step is to figure out who you will be speaking to. Using the same hair salon example from above, it would make sense that your target audience would be young girls and women with unprocessed hair that live in the surrounding area. That right there, my dear reader, is your niche and where your efforts should be focused.

Platforms (where will you be talking?)

The final step of this process after finalizing what you'll be speaking about and who you'll be speaking to, is to figure out where exactly you will be speaking (this is a given, right). Specifically, what social media or streaming platform will be your primary platform of use?

Using the same hair salon example, ask yourself the question, "Where does my target audience spend most of their time online? Is it on any of the major social media platforms? Maybe it's on a major streaming platform like YouTube?"

Tying it all together

Now that the heavy lifting and research is done, it's time to tie it all together. After narrowing down what you'll be talking about, who you'll be talking to, and where you'll be focusing your voice, the only thing left to do is to create content!

This part, however, depends entirely on what your business is and its offerings, who your target audience, and of course what platform you'll be using. For an in-depth guide on each of the major platforms and what content is best suited to each, check out our blog article here.

Closing thoughts...

That's it - our easy three step guide to creating rich and engaging content for your business. Though simple in theory, it can turn into quite a headache quite fast. Luckily, you can schedule a FREE consultation today and ask about our content creation pricing and packages.

Did you find this article helpful? Awesome! Be sure to leave a like and share it with someone who might find it helpful too. Until next time.

~ Kevin

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