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FAQs about our Graphic Design Services

Is there a required down payment for my graphic design project?


Yes. Payment is required in full at the start of all graphic design projects.

Can I make changes to my graphic design project?


Yes. All graphic design projects come with three complimentary changes before they are approved and completed. Any changes to made after these have been exhausted and the project completed will be billed at our company rate of $500 per request.

Will you ever showcase the graphic design that you’ve completed for me?


Yes. We reserve the right to showcase/publish any and all graphic designs created, unless otherwise reasonably requested.

How will I receive my graphic design project after it has been completed?


All graphic designs will be sent directly to your email address in a PDF, PNG, JPEG. or MP4 format - whichever is requested. Layered files such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and After Effects are not included, but may be requested at an additional cost of $2000.

How can I make payment for my graphic design project?


Payment can be made via bank transfers, direct deposits, or cash (if you reside in or around Saint James).

FAQs about our Website Design Services

Is there a required down payment for my website design project?


A fifty percent (50%) deposit is required at the start of all projects. The remaining fifty percent (50%) is then due at the completion of said project, before ownership is transferred. Where possible, clients are, however, encouraged to pay in full.

What is your timeline for the completion of a website?


All website projects are guided by a website timeline presented by Tortoise Digital Media and agreed upon by the client at the beginning of the project.

If a deadline is missed by the client, they are given a seven (7) day grace period to provide feedback. If this seven (7) day grace period has been exhausted without complete feedback, the project will be paused. This helps us to stick to our timelines and prevent a drawn-out website process.

A typical website takes approximately 8 weeks but can be completed sooner if both parties exceed their deadline dates.

Do you take feedback during the website process?


Absolutely. There are three (3) rounds of revisions in the website process: First Draft, Second Draft & Third Draft. During each, there is no limit to how many requests a client can make during each round of revision.​

Once we present the Fourth & Final Draft, any further requests for website changes are billed at our company rate. If there is no further feedback, the website is launched on as soon as the next business day.

How do you go about handing the website over to me?


If upon the completion of the website, you opt not to use one of our Maintenance Packages, the website will be fully handed over to the you. You will then be responsible for all matters regarding the website.

Do you offer to manage and maintain the upkeep of the website?

Yes. We provide optional Website Maintenance services once a website has been launched. If you would not like consistent maintenance, we are available for as-needed website maintenance at an agreeable rate.

Do you offer refunds after the website process has begun?


Once funds have been paid, we are open to delivering a full refund if work has not yet started on a project. However, once work has begun, funds already paid over are non-refundable.

In the case where a 50% deposit is made and a refund is requested before the project's completion, the 50% deposit is non-refundable. However, you will not be required to pay the remaining 50% as the project would not have been completed.

In the case where no work has officially started but a complimentary consultation was done, the funds will be refunded in full.

Will you ever showcase the website that you’ve completed for me?


Yes. We reserve the right to showcase/publish any and all websites created, unless otherwise reasonably requested.

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